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Advancing 4-H Youth Careers in Food and Agriculture via Biotechnology and STEM

The Learning Games Lab is partnering with the University of Connecticut (UConn) Extension on a 4-Year USDA-NIFA funded project to develop biotechnology video games for youth 4-H cohorts. The science based games will provide information about biotechnology in agriculture such as genetic engineering. NMSU is thrilled to once again be collaborating with UConn on another gaming project. NMSU will be working directly with the 4-H youth cohorts to design out the games. The games will then be fully produced within the Learning Games Lab studio.

In March 2023, Innovative Media Research and Extension designers and faculty traveled to Connecticut, where they led a design summit with 4-Hers. The youth have spent 6 months learning about gene editing, CRISPR technology (specifically ) and other concepts related to bioengineering. Based on that work, the 4-Hers created six game pitches, and shared insights as to what they felt other youth should know. Professional game designers, developers, animators and artists in the Learning Games Lab will work through the summer to create a game based on those pitches, helping other middle school learners understand how gene editing can move agricultural innovation forward.

Two people standing on the right of the screen are teaching using visuals and slides about DNA modification
Connecticut 4-Hers share their game design pitches and concept art based on their work learning about bioengineering.

For a full press release on the project please visit:

Written By: Pamela Martinez, Assistant Professor, Extension Learning Technology Specialist


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