Adrian Aguirre

Multimedia Unit Director

Originally from Juarez, Mexico, Adrian is an NMSU alumnus (BFA) and holds an MFA from the University of North Texas. Having a background in art, design and front-end development, Adrian's comprehensive understanding of digital media production helps the studio continuously explore new techniques for illustration, animation, web, mobile and accessibility.

Tomilee Turner

Director- Video Unit

Tomilee Turner coordinates all video development in the department, overseeing videographers and collaborating with content specialists and curriculum developers.

Amanda Armstrong

Games Lab Coordinator

Amanda leads Think Tanks and user testing in the lab. She is involved with our Math Snacks Pre-Algebra project and with formative testing of all our products. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the department of Curriculum & Instruction at NMSU with a focus on learning designs and technology and early childhood education.

Philip McVann

Artist/ Animator

Phillip McVann. A true artiste. Phil wields pencil and paper as an extension of his own body. His skill does not stop at the physical; his imagination is always a few steps ahead anticipating potential pitfalls in the design process.

Like a true sage. Phil is not afraid to jump in blind to a project and spearhead the concept art phase, allowing the rest of the team to follow his torch through the murky waters. Yet this same regal soul will act the follower without hesitation, trusting in the team. Phil's mild temper and great attitude inspire us all to be more like him in and out of the office.

Matheus Cezarotto

Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Cezarotto is a postdoc researcher from Brazil. He researches the lab's games and products, working through grant development and providing instructional design expertise.

Art Ruiloba

Video Production Specialist

Art has served as a video producer and public relations specialist for various educational, government and business entities in El Paso, Texas and southern New Mexico. He has worked on documentary, instructional, educational and corporate videos and has produced television commercials, public service announcements and news stories.

Pamela Martinez

Assistant Professor & Extension Learning Technology Specialist

Pamela N. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies with New Mexico State University’s Innovative Media Research and Extension Department and its Learning Games Lab. Dr. Martinez oversees product development for grant-funded research projects. She undertakes grant writing endeavors with department faculty. Dr. Martinez has over 20 years’ experience creating educational media and games. Prior to becoming faculty, she served as studio director in the Multimedia Unit/Learning Games Lab for 18 years, overseeing production and personnel.

Amanda Chase

Communications Specialist

Amanda manages the department's blog, App Store, and Google Play stores.