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Pamela Martinez

Assistant Professor & Extension Learning Technology Specialist

Pamela N. Martinez is an Assistant Professor of Learning Technologies with New Mexico State University’s Innovative Media Research and Extension Department and its Learning Games Lab. Dr. Martinez oversees product development for grant-funded research projects. She undertakes grant writing endeavors with department faculty. Dr. Martinez has over 20 years’ experience creating educational media and games. Prior to becoming faculty, she served as studio director in the Multimedia Unit/Learning Games Lab for 18 years, overseeing production and personnel.

She earned her doctorate in learning technologies from Pepperdine University. The technology program also focused on social learning, communities of practice and leadership. She holds a master’s in curriculum and instruction in learning technologies with an emphasis in distance education from New Mexico State University. Her professional interests include learning technologies, game-based learning, social learning and play. Most recently she has been reviewing diversity within game studios.

Outside of work she enjoys travel, reading, art and anything outdoors. She’s taken an exceptional liking to personalized tours of New Mexico provided by her daughter whose background is in environmental archaeology.

Pamela Martinez
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