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Amanda Armstrong

Games Lab Coordinator

Amanda leads Think Tanks and user testing in the lab. She is involved with our Math Snacks Pre-Algebra project and with formative testing of all our products. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the department of Curriculum & Instruction at NMSU with a focus on learning designs and technology and early childhood education.

Her masters is in child development from Erikson Institute, where she worked in afterschool programs and did research with the Early Math Collaborative. After receiving her masters she was a program coordinator at the TEC (Technology in Early Childhood) Center, working with teachers and parents on appropriate use of technology with young kids. She received her B.A. in English from Bradley University.

Amanda loves dancing, reading and writing for pleasure, traveling and learning. She grew up watching the world-class show "Biker Mice from Mars," which inspired her to understand the impact of media and technology on children.

Amanda Armstrong
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