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Extension Speaks: Bridging Communication Gaps for NMSU Extension

Did you know there’s a one-stop webpage for New Mexico Extension personnel to find communications tools to help them communicate with clientele?

NMSU Extension plays a vital role in improving New Mexicans' lives. However, effective communication isn't always easy, especially in the digital age. While Extension staff excel in their program areas, they may lack expertise in communication. Our team at Innovative Media Research and Extension, a department within the Cooperative Extension Service itself, has played a role in giving extension faculty and staff the skills needed to delve into media creation, and we often hear “Who do I go to for ____?”

Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive directory of resources, CES Program Operations Director Julie Hughes put together a resources website called Extension Speaks. This site aims to bring together information from Innovative Media Research and Extension, NMSU Marketing and Communications, as well as other resources to help with event planning, copyright policy, accessibility, and more.

The idea behind Extension Speaks is to create a one-stop hub where NMSU Extension personnel can easily access the tools and guidance they need to communicate effectively with their target audiences. Extension Speaks is designed to streamline the process of finding relevant information. The website is organized into categories, making it easy for users to locate the resources they need quickly. By centralizing communication resources and expertise, Extension Speaks empowers NMSU Extension professionals to effectively engage with their target audiences and maximize the impact of their programs and initiatives. 

As Extension Speaks continues to evolve, we welcome feedback and suggestions from the NMSU Extension community to ensure that the website remains a valuable resource for years to come. Visit Extension Speaks today and discover how it can support your communication efforts.

Here are just five examples of the information you can find via Extension Speaks:

  1. How to maintain Civil Rights documentation.

  2. How to request a photoshoot.

  3. Where to get support to update a webpage.

  4. How to check out iPad video recording kits.

  5. How to use the NMSU brand in print and online materials.

Written by: Jeffrey Buras, Social Media Specialist, Department of Innovative Media, Research and Extension


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