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Our Award-Winning Products: 2022 Association for Communication Excellence Critique & Awards Program

Every year, our team participates in professional development activities through the Association for Communication Excellence, “Driven by science, communicating for change.”

The ACE community sponsors a yearly critique and awards (C&A) program for educational and promotional products created by universities in the land grant system (as well as similar institutions in Canada). This gives us a chance to showcase our favorite products each year and receive detailed feedback from other communicators and digital media professionals.

​​In 2022, six of our products won awards from ACE C&A:

Two kids are displayed center screen, each with a plate. Background is of a kitchen with a refrigerator on the right hand side and a vase of flowers on the left hand side counter. Bottom of screen shows a train with beans, eggplant, and a peach
Scene from the Foods & Moves mobile game Tasting Party Express

Foods and Moves

Foods and Moves, our preschool suite of four apps which support active play among young children, won the top award (Outstanding Professional Skill Award) in its category, Information Technology, as well as a gold award in the Interactive Media Program class.


Our game prototype Unpeeled won a gold award for Innovative Use of Communication Technology. This project was designed not just to produce a digital media product but as a collaborative process with Extension colleagues at the University of Connecticut, to better understand how to position educational content in a game format, while serving the needs of a target audience. This process is described in “Unpeeled : Using a Game Jam to Enhance Extension Outreach.”

Blog posts about accessibility

For the first time, in 2022, we submitted a series of blog posts to the ACE critique and awards program. “Working Out Loud: Reaching Media Developers with our Work in Accessibility won a silver award in the Writing for Targeted Audiences class.

left hand side shows 2 farmers, a man and a woman, standing with a shovel and some produce. right hand side shows a smiling family with two kids.
Scene from Infotoons, which explores safe food practices by agricultural producers and the impact on health and safety of the community.


This series of short, science-based videos about food safety, created in collaboration with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, won a bronze award in the Informational or Educational Video Production for External Audience class. Infotoons is being distributed in Maine and nationwide during Cooperative Extension trainings and on YouTube.

Right hand side shows a man in a chef coat cutting strawberries. Background is a professional kitchen with a sink on the left side, hanging utensils on the right hand side, and a stove center screen.
An NMSU HRTM alumnus at work in a professional kitchen, from the HRTM Career Options video series.

Spotlighting HRTM Career Options series

Our video unit created these promotional videos for NMSU, describing careers available for students who study Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. The series won a bronze award in the Promotional, Recruitment, and Fundraising Products class.

Ratio Rumble

Finally, our updated version of the Math Snacks game Ratio Rumble won a bronze award in the class Electronic Media and Audio for Diverse Audiences, based on its new accessibility features and inclusion of a wide variety of characters for players to choose from.

We are very proud of all of the videographers, artists, animators, programmers, writers, instructional designers, researchers and support personnel who worked together to make these award-winning products! Yay, team.

Written by Amy Smith Muise, Program Manager, Innovative Media, Research & Extension


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