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Thanksgiving Don't Wash Your Chicken Social Media Campaign

During Thanksgiving week of 2021, NMSU Innovative Media Research and Extension conducted a food safety campaign around the message "Don't Wash Your Chicken!" with help from the department's mascot, Ratey the Math Cat. The goal of this campaign was to share critical information regarding the dangers of washing raw poultry as well as providing resources with more information regarding safe cooking practices.

The following is an archive of the campaign's posts on Twitter and Facebook.

November 20|Facebook

If germs were visible to the naked eye, you would see that washing poultry just splashes bacteria (that can make you sick) all over you, your kitchen towels, your countertops, and any other food you have nearby, such as raw foods or salads. #foodsafety

Don't wash your poultry this Thanksgiving!


November 21| Facebook & Twitter

Remember: Don't wash your turkey this Thanksgiving! #foodsafetytips


November 22|Facebook & Twitter

Remember to consult USDA guidelines for details, and always check with a food thermometer to make sure your turkey has reached the minimum internal temperature of 165°F.

Cook an unstuffed turkey for ~13 minutes per pound if you are cooking it at 350°F. Source: ( If you are cooking it at a lower temperature, it will take longer. Never cook a turkey at a temperature lower than 325°F.

For more detailed turkey preparation advice, including information on thawing, cooking a stuffed turkey, and serving sizes, please visit


November 23|Facebook

Make sure your food thermometer is handy! #Thanksgiving #foodsafety

Note: This is the only image used in the campaign that was not created in-house


November 25|Facebook

Happy Thanksgiving! A huge thank you to all farmers and other producers for their hard work! #Thanksgiving



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