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Checking Out iPads

NMSU Extension educators (faculty and staff) are welcome to check out iPads from Innovative Media, Research and Extension.

If you’d like to borrow an iPad for an event, or other purpose, you can call or email Joe Valenzuela. Make sure to let him know three things:

  1. How many iPads you will need.

  2. Whether you need any specific apps to be loaded on the iPad.

  3. Time frame of how long you’ll need the iPad. (Generally one week or less.)

Contact information is provided below.

Joe Valenzuela

Technology Support Tech,Sr

(575) 646-5773

Asking for an iPad

If possible, talk to Joe at least a week in advance. He’ll set up a pick-up time with you. Pickup location is in Gerald Thomas Hall Rm. 176 Take in consideration that last minute requests will depend on availability, and we may not be able to load new apps that are not pre-approved. Other arrangements can be set up through the IMRE office (Gerald Thomas Rm. 286), if needed.

Video Kits

If you need lights, microphone, and tripod along with an iPad, NMSU Extension educators may request a full video kit for check out. For more details about our video kits, see Checking Out Video Kits. Feel free to schedule through Tomilee Turner ( or Joe Valenzuela (

Picture shows an iPad set up for video recording.
iPads offer an accessible and reliable option for high quality video recording.

Why an iPad?

iPads can be helpful in lots of ways. Extension personnel have used them to do registration at 4-H events, collect data during contests, distribute digital flyers during events, and even viewpoint cameras to send a live feed.

Some extra considerations:

  • iPad mini 6s are what we normally lend out. (We also have iPad Airs, if you need a bigger screen.)

  • Anyone in Extension can request to check out an iPad (faculty/staff, generally not students).

  • Files on the device need to be saved elsewhere before returning the iPad to us. We will wipe content before lending the device to the next user.

Written by Amy Smith Muise, Program Manager, Innovative Media, Research & Extension, and Joel Gonzalez Parra, Student Assistant, Innovative Media, Research & Extension.


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