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Checking Out Video Kits

NMSU Extension educators have an opportunity to experiment with equipment for shooting and editing video footage. The Department of Innovative Media Research & Extension has you covered.

Our department now has four iPad video kits available for checkout to Extension! Borrow one for a couple of weeks, and you’ll have a quick and easy way to shoot high quality video (with good lighting and mic), and the ability to edit ON the iPad before returning the kit to us (when we’ll delete the files and clean the equipment)!

Each kit contains:

  • iPad mini and tripod mount

  • Tripod

  • Ring light with stand

  • Portable LED light

  • 3 microphones of different types

  • Headphones

Multiple images that showcase the different equipment that comes with each video kit.
Image Credit: Tomilee Turner

Additional Information:

  • Kits take 1 to 3 days to arrive, so book early.

  • Each reservation will be for a 2-week period, and a return date will be specified.

  • The department will cover the cost of shipping the kits to you through UPS ground; however, each video kit recipient must pay the return shipping cost. The estimated cost is $35.00 one way.

To schedule a kit, contact Tomilee Turner ( or


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