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Food Safety Clearinghouse Resources

It can be hard to find the right educational materials for the right audience. When it comes to food safety information, the Food Safety Clearinghouse is a fantastic resource for finding research-based educational tools. We are delighted that materials created by our department are now included in the clearinghouse.

Food Safety Clearinghouse logo featuring a drawn fork digging into a yellow piece of paper that says "Food Safety Resource."

The Food Safety Clearinghouse is an online collection of curated and crowd-sourced food safety resources laid out in an easily navigated format. These resources include “published rules, national curricula, fact sheets, webinars, add-on and supplemental educational materials, videos, coverage assessment tools, podcasts, posters, and calculators.” These tools have been developed by a variety of leaders in research, education, outreach, and regulatory protocols. The Clearinghouse functions to “connect food safety people, projects, and publications across the nation through a verified process so that regulators, educators, technical service providers, growers and processors can feel confident knowing that the information they find within the Clearinghouse is a trusted source of food safety related information.”

One focus of the site is on providing educational resources to support industry in following specific federal regulations: the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) as well as the Preventative Controls for Human Food Rule (PCHFR).

The Department of Innovative Media Research & Extension recently contributed resources to this site, including food safety learning games Outbreak Squad and Potluck Panic, interactive learning tools such as the Virtual Labs, CONSERVE: Water Sampling & Water Testing, animated video such as those in Don’t Wash Your Chicken, Don’t Be Gross, and Fresh & Sometimes Dirty, and curriculum packages such as Because I Care I Wash My Hands.

The Food Safety Clearinghouse site is continuously growing to include even more food safety resources. For more information about how to submit a resource or to sign up to receive a weekly email with new clearinghouse content visit:

Written by Amanda Chase in collaboration with Amy Smith Muise


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