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Save Your 2020 and Spring 2021 Zoom Recordings

Due to limited cloud recording storage space NMSU Zoom Cloud Recordings are only saved for 245 days before being automatically deleted from the cloud. If you have Zoom Cloud Recordings you would like to save more permanently you will need to download each recording to your local computer before the 245 day retention period expires. Once a recording is permanently deleted it cannot be recovered.

So, do you have ZOOM cloud recordings that you would like to download? If so, click the image below for instructions.

Also, once you have downloaded your Zoom recording or moved it to Canvas Studio, please delete it from the Zoom Cloud Storage area.

Click the image to access FAQ's:

If you have other questions contact Academic Technology at or join us via the Academic Technology Zoom Online Open Lab. Faculty can find the Open Lab Zoom Meeting link and hours of operation from the Help menu in Canvas. Click the Help icon at the end of the Global Navigation menu on the left in Canvas and then click the link under the panda icon.

For self-paced resources, please visit:

Contact us:


This post is shared on behalf of the office of Academic Technology, Digital Learning.


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