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Season, Sizzle, and Sear: How To Prep and Cook Beef

Mouthwatering New Mexico beef is the subject of three new videos commissioned by Juan Sanchez, Marketing Specialist for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, and produced by our video unit.

The videos are hosted by NMDA’s Taste the Tradition® Chef Ambassador, John Hartley, who is also an assistant professor at NMSU’s School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management.

A chef stands in a kitchen with a cutting board and two cuts of beef. The chef is seasoning the beef with dry spices.
Chef Hartley applies dry seasoning rub. Photo Credit: Juan Sanchez

“Partnering with HRTM was a homerun. The experience and expertise of Chef Ambassador Hartley really shows on the videos,” said Juan Sanchez, adding, “Working with the Innovative Media Research & Extension team was great. Being located on campus made it that much easier to execute the videos.”

This video production was a feast for our senses as well as our appetites. (We couldn’t let all our tasty “props” go to waste.) Another perk of my job, other than eating yummy props, is that I learn something new on all our video productions, and this one was no exception. For example, I didn’t know that slicing meat against the grain makes it easier to bite into a fajita.

For more tips, check out this beef fajita recipe, which features a tasty marinade.

Fajita Marinade

Some tender cuts of meat can be seasoned with a dry marinade as opposed to a wet marinade, and I was surprised at just how much dry rub to put on a steak.

Dry Rub

Searing a steak has more than one step to it. Searing and grilling steaks properly can be tricky and intimidating, but Chef Hartley takes some of the mystery out of it in this next video. And it’s impossible to watch without your mouth watering. Yes – it smelled as good as it looked and sounded.

Grilling & Searing

Juan said that in the future he would like to create recipe videos that “incorporate a variety of NM ag products in one dish.” And I look forward to that tasty video production!

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Written By: Tomilee Turner, Director, Video Unit,


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