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Take Control of Your Facebook Page: Sharing access, administration, and more

For better or worse, Facebook is created and controlled by a private company– and they make the rules. It is a powerful tool to spread your message, but that tool can be taken away if you don’t follow their rules. Multiple pages have been removed because of violations of their policy, and there’s very little you can do about that. Here are some tips to avoid losing your page.

Using Facebook for work

Don’t: Use fake names to register your profile

Do: Use your real name (with privacy controls)

Facebook has a “real names” policy:

“To make sure people know who they're connecting with, we ask everyone to use the same name on Facebook that they use in everyday life.”

If Facebook detects that you are avoiding using your real name by naming your profile something vague like “County Agent,” Facebook will delete your account and the pages that you control. For example, “County A. Agent” is not a real name… While you might be trying to set up a page for your office instead of for you, personally, Facebook will see this as a fake name.

The solution is to register for Facebook with your real name. If you already have a personal Facebook profile but are concerned about intermingling your personal life and professional persona, register for a second Facebook profile using your work email and phone number. You can minimize what you share with this “work” profile and still enjoy your personal Facebook on your own terms.

If you are concerned about sharing your information publicly through Facebook, then adjust your privacy settings for minimal visibility.

Don’t: Share usernames and passwords

Do: Delegate access and roles

A common way for multiple people to manage a Facebook page is to share the login credentials and let multiple people use the account. Not only is this a security risk, it is also against Facebook policy and may again result in your Facebook profile and page being deleted.

One page, multiple users

Every person who controls your Facebook page should have their own login credentials and profile, and you should assign roles for each user to manage the page. This practice not only increases security, it creates redundancy for control of the page (see more below).

Don’t: Let only one person have access

Do: Have backup admins

If you took the initiative to create a Facebook page for your office, that’s great! But if you are the only person in control of that page, and, for whatever reason, you can no longer carry out your role, there is a risk that your entire office can lose control of the page.

Protect your page with redundancy

The best practice is to always delegate at least one other person (preferably two) as page administrator. That person doesn’t have to take an active role in day-to-day management of the page, but serves as a backup in case something happens to you. That person could be your trusted co-worker, supervisor, IT Administrator, or even me – Jeffrey Buras, Extension Social Media Specialist. By working as a team, you can reduce liability.

Don’t: Do it on your own

Do: Work together

I am always here to support you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can help you overcome technical issues, review analytics, strategize on content, or just give moral support when you need to vent about how frustrating Facebook can be. Reach me through my Facebook profile, by email at, or by phone at 575-646-1172. I look forward to hearing from you!

Written By: Jeffrey Buras, Social Media Specialist,


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