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2022 NMSU Extension InService

On January 5 and 6, 2022, IMRE personnel presented several workshops during New Mexico State University’s Extension InService. Jeanne Gleason, PhD, gave a workshop on video production using iPad kits. Amy Smith Muise and Jeffrey Buras hosted a workshop on social media strategies and on using Canva for social media. Barbara Chamberlin, PhD, and Pamela Martinez, EdD, presented a product showcase, including an opportunity to try out VR headsets and some interactive demos of new digital media products created by NMSU IMRE and available for use in New Mexico Extension programs. Extension agents and specialists from around the state attended these workshops.

*The following list has information about extension resources well as links to their individual informational blog posts.

Our department now has four iPad video kits available for checkout to Extension. Specialists or agents from around the state are free to borrow them for two weeks as a quick and easy way to shoot high quality video (with good lighting and mic). We suggest taking video and audio and editing them on the iPad before returning the kit to us. We’ll delete the files and clean the equipment.

Each kit contains:

  • iPad mini and tripod mount

  • Tripod

  • Ring light with stand

  • Portable LED light

  • 3 microphones of different types

  • Headphones

During the InService workshop, Dr. Gleason and others supported each participant in setting up a tripod, iPad, lights, and microphones and taking some test footage. This helped them to see what it would be like to check out and use this equipment.

Canva is a design tool for non-designers, a quick and easy way to make eye-catching graphics using pre-made templates. It is less powerful than other design tools like Photoshop, but also less complex and more intuitive. This simplicity means Canva is great for making social media posts or other simple graphic design work.

Canva is web-based, so you don’t have to install any software to use it, just point your web browser to to start designing. You do need to create a free account to use it, and some of its more advanced features require a paid account.

During the Inservice workshop, Jeffrey Buras led participants through an exercise to create a flyer or poster for an upcoming event using Canva.

Product Showcase

Innovative Media, Research & Extension has released several new products recently that may be of interest to Extension audiences in New Mexico. During the Inservice, Barbara Chamberlin, PhD, demonstrated some of these products and Pamela Martinez, EdD, provided an opportunity for Extension personnel to engage with Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Participants discussed opportunities to incorporate VR tech in programs and classrooms as well as possibilities for future grant proposals involving VR.

Some of our newer products include:

IMRE’s video team worked with Chef John Hartley, NMDA’s Taste the Tradition® Chef Ambassador and HRTM assistant professor to create these videos about seasoning and preparing various beef cuts.

Rossana Sallenave, Extension Aquatic Ecology Specialist in the Extension Animal Sciences & Natural Resources Department, collaborated with our team to produce a new Extension video exploring the process of testing the quality and quantity of your well water.

These food safety videos help demystify the science behind safe food handling. Their intended audience includes growers, producers, processors and employees, especially those involved in small-scale agricultural production and processing. Infotoons were created in collaboration with the University of Maine.

This prototype of an educational game teaches consumers about food marketing labels, mainly non-GMO labels. The intended audience includes grocery shoppers who may be buying more expensive food unnecessarily based on food marketing labels. Unpeeled was created in collaboration with the University of Connecticut.

Additional Products about Food Safety

Additional Products for Youth

Additional Agricultural Science/Agricultural Extension Products

Written By: Amy Smith Muise, Partnerships Manager


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